What is Mithila Painting?

what is mithila painting

Doston aaj ham janenge ki Mithila Painting Kya hai ?(What is Mithila Painting?)

Madhubani painting is one of the many famous Indian art forms. As prevailing in the Mithila region of Bihar and Nepal, it is called Madhubani or Mithila Art or Mithila painting.

Often characterized by complex geometric patterns, these pictures are known to represent rituals for special occasions, including festivals, religious rituals etc.

The colors used in Madhubani paint are usually obtained from plants and other natural sources. These colors are often bright and pigments such as lambblack and ocher are used to make black and brown respectively.

Instead of contemporary brushes, items such as twigs, matches, and even fingers are used to draw a picture.

Mithila Painting
Mithila painting

Image Credit : https://www.artzolo.com/traditional-art/sun-madhubani-painting?id=71024

History and development

The development of painting was done in the Mithila area of Bihar. Some early reference to Madhubani painting can be found in Hindu epic Ramayana when Raja Janak, Sita’s father, asks his painters to make Madhubani painting for his daughter’s marriage.

Knowledge was passed down from generation to generation and the paintings of the houses of this area were started. The women of the village practiced these pictures on the walls of their houses. Their paintings often depicted their thoughts, hopes and dreams.

With time, Madhubani painting became a part of special programs like festivals and weddings. Gradually, this art attracted the connoisseurs of art because many contemporary Indian artists took the art on the global stage.

The traditional base of the clay wall of plaster was soon replaced with handmade paper, cloth and canvas. Since painting is limited to a limited geographical extent, so the style along with the theme is more or less the same.

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